Special Attraction – Sir Heinrich OLD / Gold Luck / Al Capone / Matcho AA, born May 4, 2021

Giada really outdid herself this time, delivering a tall, elegant chestnut filly with 4 stockings and star/ stripe. Great shoulder with exquisite head and neck, strong frame and foundation, and three powerful and expansive gaits. She was born looking and acting mature – trusting, engaged, friendly.
Her sire, Sir Heinrich OLD comes from one of the best German sporthorse families. He and 4 full sisters all received the OLD designation, due primarily to their successes in the Bundeschampionate and World Young Horse Championships. They have all moved on, with Sir Heinrich successful at “S” level. He is noted as a refining sire, passing rideability and beauty.
Her dam, Giada HPF, brings a clear temperament, competitive history, and valuable German bloodlines. All her fillies have had friendly, engaged, brave attitudes, beauty and movement.
Special Attraction belies her name! She offers charisma, talent and temperament and has already found a wonderful home with an Ontario GP Dressage rider / trainer. I wish Janet, Blair and the girls much joy with their special filly.
At Special’s Hanoverian Foal Show, she was declared a “Gold Medal Foal”, with particular praise for her extravagant movement, and genuine presence.
Pictures are from birth to 4 days old. Video snippets from turnout at 1 and 2 days old.