Furstentanz – Furstenball / EM Contucci / Bordeaux / Weltmeyer, May 21, 2017

EM Chenya MRF, purchased last year from Maple Run Farm, has graced us with a china-doll filly, balletic and typey. This sweet girl was bred by the Langers – and I was very impressed with the breeding choice they had made. “Tanzy” has fulfilled expectations. She has been purchased, at one day old, by my neighbours Chris and Jean-Yves, who anticipate a delightful journey bringing her to maturity.
UPDATE: Tanzy had very good remarks from the Jury at her Hanoverian Inspection and Foal Show. She was praised for her beautiful, feminine type, with a big eye; correct foundation, long legs, excellent walk (typical for Furstenball offspring), and rhythmic trot, with very good use of the hind end. She ended as “Reserve Champion Dressage Foal” – 2nd only to stablemate Foreign Affairs!
Furthermore, at the end of the Verband’s 2017 Inspection tour, Furstentanz was also chosen as a recipient of an Albert Kley Memorial Top Ten Foal Award for 2017.

At her Hanoverian Studbook Inspection Tanzy was awarded an overall “8” . Her individual marks included:
Impulsion and Elasticity “9”
Breed/Sex Type “8”
Head “8”
Frame “8”
Walk “8”

At her Mare Performance Test Furstentanz was awarded the highest mark of the day from the test rider, “8.5” for Rideability

These videosnippet show her at just 2 days old, and again at her Hanoverian Inspection; while the pictures cover one day through 25 months.
UPDATE: Pictured at bottom – outstanding Glamourdale colt from Furstentanz, born March 29, 2023, and FOR SALE

Outdoors at 36 hours
Outdoors at 36 hours

Graceful filly 3 months old
Graceful filly 3 months old

Albert Kley Memorial  "Top Ten Foal 2017"
Albert Kley Memorial
“Top Ten Foal 2017”

2017 Reserve Champion Dressage Foal Show Winner
2017 Reserve Champion Dressage Foal Show Winner