Fine Art – Finest / Gold Luck / Al Capone / SPS Matcho, April 5, 2019

A top filly, and easy birth for Giada, making us very happy at SunnyDays Hanoverians. Fine Art is leggy, correct, strikingly feminine – and she has inherited the wonderful temperament of both parents.

Her sire, Finest by Furstenball / Wie Weltmeyer / Prince Thatch xx has earned a reputation for producing gorgeous foals, highly sought in Germany, and a high rate of Premium Mares and Licensed stallions, stamped by his rideability, temperament, gaits and black beauty.

Already our charming filly is showing very good movement – elastic, off the ground, and expansive, with an excellent use of the hind end. Pictured are Fine Art up to to 16 days old, plus her sire, Finest. The first video was taken on day 3, in unfortunately muddy and slippery conditions; the second when she was one week old.

Fine Art is for sale, and could be a top breeding mare (in time) as well as competitive dressage mount for the professional or ambitious amateur. SOLD to Jane, in sunny South Carolina. I am very pleased.