Delilah – Destano / SPS Sir Savoy / SPS Florestan / SPS Weltmeyer, born April 13, 2015

A healthy, typey Hanoverian filly, sweet and easy, and blessed with athleticism. She is by the¬† stallion “Destano” (Desperados / Brentano II), who was designated Altpremiumhengst on the strength of his first foal crop and his own stallion-testing performance.

Delilah’s dam is “SPS Shakira” by Sir Savoy/ SPS Floristan / SPS Weltmeyer. Delilah’s pedigree includes Desperados, Brentano II, Sandro Hit, Florestan, Weltmeyer and more – proven World-class competitors, and dressage-sires of the top level. Furthermore, SPS Shakira’s damline boasts 7 straight SPS mares – most recently¬† featuring Shakira’s daughter Daira, who was presented at the 2014 Hewart van der Decken Shau in Verden.

These pictures show our Delilah in her 1st 2 months; and at her inspection, 4 1/2 months old. Video is of Delilah at 4 days and 4 weeks old; and one of her sire, Destano. Delilah is SOLD to a top-notch breeding farm in Michegan. For more information call Kathleen at 905-429-1642.

UPDATE: Delilah has just returned from Inspection, where she received excellent comments from judges Dr Ludwig Christmann and Ferdi Haupt –praised for her beautiful head, good type, strong topline, well-angled hind legs and strong walk. Dr Christmann also noted that SPS Shakira (Delilah’s dam) was from one of Germany’s most successful damlines and hence Delilah was an excellent candidate for breeding or dressage.

Dilly naps 2 hours old

Breakfast hay Day6
Jump Ma 6 do
Destano Hanoverian filly

Trot June10
Inspection Walk

Delilah braided2Inspection Walk