Cadeau Tanz – Cadeau Noir / Furstenball / EM Contucci, born May 20, 2021

A handsome, leggy, masculine black colt by the GP stallion Cadeau Noir (Christ / De Niro / Calypso) out of an exceptional Furstenball / EM Contucci dam, who scored overall “8” at studbook inspection. This gifted lad has inherited grace, beauty and easy temperament from his charismatic dam, Furstentanz..

With this outstanding dressage pedigree, Cadeau Tanz was to be retained for breeding, and is offered for sale only because he is a colt. He has a compact, leggy, uphill frame, excellent foundation, and three top gaits, with lots of bounce, good use of the joints and appealing knee action.

Pictured here, young Cadeau from early days to 5 weeks, as well as pictures of his dam and sire. Video below is from pasture at 10 days old and again, almost 6 weeks old.