Finn McCool – Franziskus / Contendro / Eiger / Wenzel – April 28, 2020

Another bouncing baby boy from Contessa. This little muppet has a real zest for life – he wants to get out, get going, get involved. Finn is a friendly, confident lad, designed for sport, and quickly found a home, where he will be developed towards a dressage career.

By the Fidertanz / Alabaster / Rubinstein son, Franziskus, Finn takes qualities from both parents. Like mom and dad, he is chocolate brown, full of life and power. He is still unfolding, but quite capable on his long spidery legs.

You can find more info on Franziskus – Ingrid Klimke’s dressage star, and member of the German Olympic A-squad, on our Sires page.

Contessa has been a super producer for SunnyDays Hanoverians, turning out award-winning colts and fillies with a powerful back end, sporty type and delight in movement.

Images are of Finn at 4 days old, with one of his sire, Franziskus. Video snippet, 6 days old at turnout; plus a 4 year old video of Franziskus which I feel demonstrates his talent and temperament.