Young Stock

Our young ones spend most of their time outdoors, on managed pastures, with the mares and with their peers. We breed for temperament, and ensure that our youngsters are handled daily, and receive regular farrier care, worming and shots. All are well socialized, confident with people or in the herd. Sale prices are subject to change, as the colts and fillies are regularly re-assessed, but I will entertain offers to great homes.

For more info it is best to contact Kathleen at 905 429-1642 as emails do go astray, and I do not want anyone to think I have knowingly failed to respond to a query.

SPS Bella Vista will be available in spring 2024, back in foal and available for pickup late October 2024.Now UNDER CONTRACT.

FOALS of 2024:. Three beautiful fillies and two strapping colts, all safely landed! Prices range from $14k to $16k US (about $17k to $20k Cdn)

1. Gorgeous Latino x Vice Champion Mare of Westphalia, SPS Bella Vista (Belissimo / Faveur / Rubinstein), exquisite chestnut filly born May 6, 2024 SOLD to a great home in British Columbia
2. Ferdeaux x Furstentanz This typey filly is bred by Chris Simpson, born April 18, 2024. Freyja is long-legged, a beautiful type, correct in movement and foundation – an exceptional filly in every way. If interested please contact Chris directly at 506-566-1900
3. Blue Horse Romanov x Contessa. This is a repeat breeding. The 1st Romanov / Contessa foal “Royal Gala” was Champion Hanoverian Foal at Inspection, and sold at 3 days old to a home where she was trained / competed successfully through Inter 1. Born April 27, 2024, a sassy, powerful, confident filly — last one from Contessa – has found a great home.
4. Global Player x Fine Design. Born May 13, 2024. Fine Design is a delightful homebred, on lease for her 1st foal to Global PlayerWorld Dressage Champion 6 year old, 2022 and Reserve World Champion 7 year old, 2023. This colt is an exciting and powerful dressage prospect, of best character, UNDER CONTRACT.
5. Dauphin x the exceptional young mare SPS Sally by Sir Heinrich / Riccio – bred by Ursula Hosking was born April 17, 2024. FOR SALE. I believe he is exceptional in type temperament and movement. Please contact me if you wish to reach owner / breeder. Information on the dam and her 1st foal at

FOALS of 2023:. Placed in excellent homes!

1. Olympic Sanceo x SPS Ditana Lost to abortion December 2022.
2. Gorgeous Latino – top performance pedigree and record, at a young age, crossed with Vice Champion Mare of Westphalia, SPS Bella Vista, for late April 2023. Late term abortion, plans delayed .
3. Wynton x EM Chenya – due 1st of July 2023. Combining proven performance genetics and top production records. SOLD in-utero, with dam Chenya, to top Ontario breeding operation.
4. Glamourdale x Furstentanz. This colt, born March 29, 2023, by Dressage World Horse Champion Glamourdale, has been bred by Chris Simpson, and has been SOLD to Olympic rider.
5. Just Wimphof x Winona by Weltruhm. Born May 23, 2023, this colt by Champion KWPN stallion Just Wimphof has been bred by Ursula Hosking, and is For Sale . Correct in conformation and movement leggy, and with a super temperament and performance pedigree, JoJo is SOLD to Canada.

Foals Born in 2022 – All Sold to excellent homes.
1. Just Wimphof x SPS Bella Vista (Belissimo / Faveur / Rubinstein). Tall, handsome bay colt by KWPN Licensing Champion, with 100% German pedigree (De Niro / Riccione / Sandro Hit), born April 24, 2022. Proven Grand Prix bloodlines from a highly decorated mare and Top-performing Champion sire. “Jiminy” is SOLD to Quebec home.
2. Voila` – by Viva Gold x Contessa A vibrant filly combining the blood of Vivaldi and the damline of Isabel Werth’s Weihegold with the proven producer Contessa by Contendro / SPS Eiger … a sure recipe for movement, charisma and beauty! Born May 19, 2022 and SOLD
3. Finnigan x EM Chenya – born June 24, 2022. A brilliant, athletic colt, from whom we expect great things. Fanfare is SOLD.
4. Le Formidable x Giada – strapping bay/black colt, SOLD in utero to Ontario professional, along with his outstanding dam.

Foals Born in 2021 – All Sold to excellent homes.
1. Tall, dark and handsome colt born April 20, 2021 — and such an athlete! Maybe the smartest, most friendly fellow born at SunnyDays, “Force Majeure” will be a force to be reckoned with. By Champion stallion For Romance x SPS Ditana – Don Bosco / Prince Orac xx, 2002. This breeding is a repeat of one that produced the Albert Kley Award winner, 2017, for Dressage Champion of the entire Canadian Tour. Your Chance for an upper level standout, Force Majeure SDH is now SOLD.
2. An equine NuryevDoc Olymbrio” is a golden boy by Don Olymbrio x SPS Bella Vista – Belissimo / Faveur / Rubinstein, 2008 born April 23, 2021. SOLD, to a knowledgeable sport-horse home in BC.
3. Governor x EM Chenya – Contucci / Bordeaux / Weltmeyer, May 2004 Golden filly born May 6, 2021. SOLD in-utero to a perfect home in Ohio.
4. Giada – Gold Luck / Al Capone / SPS Matcho, April 2009 has outdone herself this time – a golden filly with 4 knee socks, star-stripe, and the most beautiful neck and frame. A tall one, like her sisters before her, with excellent foundation, 3 remarkable gaits, and “11” temperament. Born May 4, 2021, by the inimitable Bundeschampion / World Young Horse Vice-Champion Sir Heinrich. Special Attraction is SOLD.
to an Ontario professional dressage trainer. Very fancy Gold Medal Foal for 2021.
5. Q-Sieben x Contessa – Contendro / SPS Eiger / Wenzel, March 2003 born May 7 (in-utero SOLD). Bouncing big black colt, 3 socks and a star. Wowee. Mr “Q” will go to Maryland and share a home with his half-brother by Zonik.
6. Finnigan and the exceptional young mare SPS Sally by Sir Heinrich / Riccio, born May 2, 2021, have given us a filly of beautiful type, reflecting the quality of both parents. Finesse is SOLD to a super Ontario home.
7. Cadeau Noir x the beautiful Furstenball filly, Furstentanz — A delightful elastic black colt “Cadeau Tanz” born May 20, 2021, is SOLD. Young Cadeau Tanz also garnered the Gold Medal Foal Award for 2021!

Foals Born in 2020 – All Sold to excellent homes.
1. Finest x Giada by Gold Luck, Exquisite bay filly, chutzpah and charm, Fine Design” born April 21, 2020. Fine Design is SOLD.
2. Franklin x SPS Ditana by Don Bosco, Tall, big moving bay filly, Frankly, Scarlett” born April 24, 2020. Scarlett is SOLD.
3. Franziskus x Contessa by Contendro, flashy bay colt, 4 socks, star, snip, “Finn McCool“, born April 28, 2020. SOLD

Foals Born in 2019 – All Sold to excellent homes.

1. Fine Art – exquisite black filly by Finest out of Giada by Gold luck – born April 5th, 2019, and exceeding all expectations. SOLD quickly to a great home in South Carolina.
2. D’a Bella by D’Avie (2018 6 Year Old World Young Horse Champion) from SPS Bella Vista by Belissimo – golden girl born Mother’s Day 2019. SOLD to South Carolina.Awarded the International Gold Medal Foal Award by Hannoverian Verband at Inspection,
3. Born June 20th – “Ferghal” outstanding black Furstenballl colt from Elite Mare Chenya by Contucci – a repeat breeding of  2017 Furstentanz – “Top Ten Foal for Canada” and Top Filly at her Hanoverian inspection. SOLD to a great home in South Carolina.

Foals Born in 2018 – All Sold to wonderful homes.

1. Morricone x SPS Ditana – Licensing and SPT Champion, with 10s in walk and rideability, Morricone should be a great sire, crossed with beautiful Ditana who has produced Champion Foals, Callback foals, and the 2017 Canadian Champion Dressage Foal for Hannover. Wonderful dressage filly “Modern Art”, born May 13, 2018, and SOLD to Ontario Canada.
Romeo x Giada Born April 27, a delightful black filly “Regina Coeli”, product of Gold Luck / Argentan bloodlines crossed with those of SPT winner “Romeo”, by Romanov / Wolkentanz. I believe this is the first “Romeo” foal born in North America.. SOLD to Chicago, USA.
Buckingham x EM Chenya – – Last year this Contucci / Bordeaux mare from Maple Run Farm’s breeding program, produced the Top Filly at the Parkwood Foal Inspection. Her “Furstentanz” made the “Top 10 Foals 2017” for all Canadian- inspected Hanoverians! Sire Buckingham is among the best Celle has to offer. Le Boheme , bay colt with white points, born June 13, 2018. We are happy to announce that Bo will be moving to Quebec, where he will join another SunnyDays alumus, Rossi by Romanov.
4. Zoom x SPS Bella Vista – – The first “Zoom” foal born in North America – from a mare with an illustrious pedigree and recognition, who lives up to her name. Zoom was Reserve Licensing Champion who went on to resoundingly winning his SPT, impressing all with his gaits and rideability – in addition to jumping talent. Due mid-May, 2018. Flashy , mini-me colt “Ziya”, born May 15, 2018, and quickly SOLD to South Carolina, where he’ll be welcomed by 2 other SunnyDays alumni.
5. Zonik x Contessa. Tess delivered a long-legged sweetie on June 24. We call him ZuperZonic, or “ZZ”. Awarded a Gold Medal Foal Award by the Hannoverian Verband at Inspection, and the Albert Kley “Top Ten Foal” Award for Canada and SOLD, stateside, at just 2 months of age. A great match!.

2017 FOAL CROP – all sold to excellent homes

1. For Romance x SPS DitanaForeign Affairs: beautiful chestnut colt, born May 8, 2017 and SOLD to California. Champion Foal at his inspection; TOP TEN for Canada, and Albert Kley Awardee as Champion Dressage Foal for Canadian tour.
2. Sir Gregory x Espinette –  Starlet of Society: flashy, sassy, chestnut filly, born May 13 and SOLD to California
3. Sir Gregory x Windsong, born June 4, flashy, leggy, bouncy colt. “Skibereen” was SOLD to a wonderful home in South Carolina.
4. Furstenball x EM Chenya Furstentanz: dainty dark bay ballerina, born May 21, SOLD to Ontario. Awarded “Top Ten Foal for Canada” after Top Filly and Reserve Dressage Champion at inspection
5. “Fallon” by Finest from SPS Shakira by Sir Savoy, was born in July in the USA, having been SOLD in-utero to Peg Lansing – gorgeous filly!


2016 FOAL CROP – call for details to 905-429-1642. Price includes full care till weaning.

1. For Romance (Fuerst Romancier / Sir Donnerhall / Don Schufro) x Contessa (Contendro / SPS Eiger/Wenzel); Formula One born May 27, 2016 – SOLD to CA.
2. For Romance x SPS Shakira (Sir Savoy / SPS Florestan / SPS Weltmeyer); First Light born May 4, 2016. SOLD to Quebec.
3. Blue Hors Romanov (Rohdiamont / Grundstein) x SPS Ditana (Don Bosco / SPS Prince Orac xx); Royal Silks born May 17, 2016. SOLD to Quebec.


Foals of 2015

Destano filly for sale
Delilah by Destano

Delilah – Destano / SPS Sir Savoy / SPS Florestan

A typey bay filly from SPS Shakira – Wonderful bloodlines for competition or breeding! Delilah is sweet, people focused, correct and balletic. A dream for the rider or breeder, SOLD to a terrific home in Michegan.

Flying Machine by Fabregas

Flying Machine – Fabregas / Fidertanz / SPS Don Bosco

Top prospect for dressage – uphill, correct with great shoulder angle and power behind. Built to move, and dazzling in flight, Flying Machine was selected Champion Dressage Colt 2015 at his inspection. He is owned by Jennifer from Ohio, destined to be her future dressage partner.

Foals of 2014

Sezuan colt doing pirhouette
Slainte by Sezuan

Slainte – Sezuan /  Contendro / SPS Eiger

This colt was awaited with great anticipation – and we are not disappointed. SOLD in-utero to Catherine Reid for a dressage future in Seattle WA.

Flying in Fog
Flying Colours by Fabregas

Flying Colours – Fabregas / Fidertanz / SPS Don Bosco

Built for dressage – uphill, forward and balanced, with great shoulder angle and power behind. A top prospect, SOLD to Lauren in Monroe, WA. Champion Dressage Foal 2014

Sir Gregory Hanoverian Filly
Sonnentanz by Sir Gregory

Sonnentanz – Sir Gregory / Espri / Woermann

Leggy, elegant golden-girl, athletic and charming, SOLD in-utero. Stella will be a great prospect for dressage or eventing. Top Filly and Co-Reserve Champion Dressage Foal 2014. In 2015 Sonnentanz was awarded the 3rd highest score of 55 contestants in the AHS Yearling Futurity.

Foals of 2013

Favourite Game – Freestyle / Espri / Woermann
Favourite Game by Freestyle

Favourite Game – Freestyle / Espri / Woermann

Forever legs, — the proverbial “tall, dark and handsome” – I foresee he will be a favourite of all! This super friendly colt aka “Wee Fergus” has been SOLD to Lori in New Brunswick – to be her best buddy and dressage partner.

Sugar Baby – Sir Donnerhall / Contendro / Eiger
Sugar Baby by Sir Donnerhall

Sugar Baby – Sir Donnerhall / Contendro / Eiger

A striking filly from Contessa, very much in the mould of her older siblings, with bounce and go! Sugar will excel in the ring, and has great value for breeding. SOLD to a dressage home in British Columbia.

Sally-Go-Lightly - Sagnol / Fernet Branca / EH Herzzauber
Sally-Go-Lightly by Sagnol

Sally-Go-Lightly – Sagnol / Fernet Branca / EH Herzzauber

Sally is a light-footed, elegant filly, with correct conformation and movement. She would do well in dressage or hunters. SOLD to Colorado.


Foals of 2012

Wavin’ Flag - Wolkentanz II / SPS Don Bosco / SPS Prince Orac xx
Wavin’ Flag by Wolkentanz II

Wavin’ Flag – Wolkentanz II / SPS Don Bosco / SPS Prince Orac xx

A beautiful blonde filly by Ditana – 3 socks and a squiggly star. It is hard to take your eyes off this elegant sweetheart! SOLD to Florida.

Spider-Man – Sir Donnerhall / Contendro / SPS Eiger / Wenzel, Champion Hanoverian Dressage Foal 2012
Spider-Man by Sir Donnerhall

Spider-Man – Sir Donnerhall / Contendro / SPS Eiger / Wenzel

Another joyful rubber-ball baby boy from Contessa. Her foals always put a smile on my face with their happy, inquisitive natures, their joy of movement. This little guy has come out, “all-singing, all-dancing” just like his siblings before him. Champion Hanoverian Dressage Foal 2012, and SOLD to an Ontario dressage competitor.

Romy’s Son – Blue Hors Romanov / Autocrat / Eiger I
Romy’s Son by Romanov

Romy’s Son – Blue Hors Romanov / Autocrat / Eiger I

This typey Hanoverian looks a lot like his dad – Blue Hors Romanov, Champion and Vice Champion of Dressage in Denmark, producer of multiple stallion sons, Champion Mares, and Young Horse dressage stars. This charismatic boy has been SOLD.

Rocketman – Rubignon / SPS Eiger / Wenzel
Rocketman by Rubignon

Rocketman – Rubignon / SPS Eiger / Wenzel

Early in the morning of Mother’s Day, 2012, Ester delivered her final foal — a typey redheaded colt, by Rubignon (Rubinstein/Donnerhall), the dressage sire of Swedish National Team fame. An easygoing, handsome lad, with 3 correct gaits, Rocket will be a perfect “lady’s horse”. Sold.

Wild Heart – Wolkentanz II / Fernet Branca (Furioso II) / Herzzauber
Wild Heart by Wolkentanz II

Wild Heart – Wolkentanz II / Fernet Branca (Furioso II) / Herzzauber

What a charming filly Fabrianna delivered! Feminine, leggy and strong – and such a love-bug! Wild Heart has been SOLD to a dressage trainer in Ontario. Great match.


Foals of 2011
Ballet Class by Belissimo

Ballet Class – Belissimo / Autocrat / SPS Eiger / Wenzel

This strong, sweet filly with great legs and a very pretty face is a repeat breeding from the sire Belissimo. SOLD to Quebec.
Q’arnivale by Quaterback

Q’arnivale – Quaterback / SPS Don Bosco / SPS Prince Orac xx

This son of  Bundeschampion Quaterback is dynamic and eye-catching.  SOLD to an Ontario dressage trainer.
Sesame Street by Sir Donnerhall

Sesame Street – Sir Donnerhall / Contendro / SPS Eiger / Wenzel

Another rubbery, joyful foal from Contessa, by Sir Donnerhall. And this one is a blingy chestnut – SOLD to a perfect home in Ontario.

Foals of 2010
Wred Alert by Wolkenglanz

Wred Alert – Wolkenglanz / SPS Eiger / Wenzel

A bright, blingy, absolutely adorable red-head from our foundation mare SPS Ester – a filly to make you sit up and notice! Allie proved a dream undersaddle and was SOLD to a Grand Prix rider in California.
Boundless by Belissimo

Boundless – Belissimo / Autocrat / SPS Eiger / Wenzel

A beautiful blond colt, Boundless was SOLD, as a 2 year old to a dressage rider in New Brunswick. He is thriving.
StarPower by Starlight

StarPower – Starlight/ Espri / Woermann

A very substantial black colt by Starlight, with three socks and a bright star – we are calling him “StarPower”. SOLD to be Paula’s dance partner in the USA.
Sonnenfeld by Sir Donnerhall

Sonnenfeld – Sir Donnerhall / Contendro / Eiger / Wenzel

A beautiful colt, showing the same chiseled features, long legs, springs in his feet and a genuine “look at me” presence – as his full siblings. Champion Hanoverian Dressage Foal 2010 and  SOLD to a wonderful dressage enthusiast in Maryland.
HoneyBee by Hotline

HoneyBee – Hotline / SPS Don Bosco / SPS Prince Orac xx

HoneyBee is a charming, long-lined filly, with wonderful type, and 3 good gaits. SOLD to a wonderful couple in Ontario.

Diamond Hit - Romancero dressage Hanoverian filly
Diamond Days by Diamond Hit

Diamond Days – Diamond Hit / SPS Romancero / Wenzel / SPS Weltmeyer

“Daisy” was so feminine, so elegant, and so sweet, right from the start! Add in wonderful correct movement, and it is no wonder she was SOLD, early on, to a Maritime home.

Foals of 2009

Fuerst Gemini - Fidertanz / SPS Don Bosco / SPS Prince Orac xx
Fuerst Gemini by Fidertanz

Fuerst Gemini – Fidertanz / SPS Don Bosco / SPS Prince Orac xx

Our young prince, Fuerst Gemini, was selected as Champion Hanoverian Foal 2009 and SOLD to Carolyn in Ottawa!

Shining Bright - Starlight / Espri / Woermann
Shining Bright by Starlight

Shining Bright – Starlight / Espri / Woermann

A beautiful blonde athletic filly, with long legs, terrific angles, and sweet aura. Shining Bright was Premium GOV and SOLD immediately to USA.

Sir Gawain - Soliman / SPA Romancero / Wenzel / Weltmeyer
Sir Gawain by Soliman de Hus

Sir Gawain – Soliman / SPS Romancero / Wenzel / Weltmeyer

Beautiful Gawain (aka “S’il Te Plait) proved to be a gem undersaddle, uphill, forward, balanced and enthusiastic. He was SOLD to a gentleman in Quebec at 3 years of age. At 4 years of age he was Quebec Champion, FEI 4 Year Olds. At 5 years of age he became Quebec Champion, FEI 5 Year Olds.

Foals of 2008

Word of Honour - Widmark / Espri / Woermann
Word of Honour by Widmark

Word of Honour – Widmark / Espri / Woermann

Honour is such a honey, possessed of a “wanting to please” attitude. This highly rideable lad was SOLD to an AA in Ontario.

Royal Balance - Royal Prince / SPS Eiger / Wenzel
Royal Balance by Royal Prince

Royal Balance – Royal Prince / SPS Eiger / Wenzel

A lively, feminine foal, with the prettiest face and great angles, “Bala” was SOLD to a great dressage home in the Ottawa area.

Royal Gala - Romanov / Contendro / Eiger / Wenzel
Royal Gala by Blue Hors Romanov

Royal Gala – Romanov / Contendro / Eiger / Wenzel

Refined and long-legged, with good shoulder angle, depth of chest, and correct straight legs, Royal Gala was Champion Hanoverian Foal 2008 at her VhW inspection. SOLD to New Jersey.

Free To Be - Fidertanz / SPS Don Bosco / Prince Orac
Free-To-Be by Fidertanz

Free To Be – Fidertanz / SPS Don Bosco / Prince Orac xx

Freebie was selected for the Final Ring because of her presence, beauty and typiness. Dr Christmann noted her correct legs, well-conformed hocks, and excellent use of her joints, which showed in her dramatic trot.

Sigur Ros - Sandro Hit/ SPA/EM Brentano II / Hill Hawk xx
Sigur Ros by Sandro Hit

Sigur Ros – Sandro Hit/ SPA/EM Brentano II / Hill Hawk xx

All legs, with a long sloping shoulder, well-set neck, and big liquid eyes, Sigi SOLD to New Jersey, at 1 day old, to join her older sister.

 Dalwhinnie - Freestyle / Idocus / Juventus
Dalwhinnie by Freestyle

Dalwhinnie – Freestyle / Idocus / Juventus

This graceful, affectionate filly was SOLD in-utero to my dressage coach’s client in King City.

Foals of 2007

 Holeandra - Hotline / SPS Don Bosco / SPS Prince Orac xx
Holeandra by Hotline

Holeandra – Hotline / SPS Don Bosco / SPS Prince Orac xx

Elegant, uphill, leggy and correct – and boy, can she move! Lea was SOLD in-utero to USA, where she was 8th in the FEI Four Year Old Championships.

SoBella Hit - Sandro Hit / EM Brentano II / Hill Hawk xx
Sobella Hit by Sandro Hit

SoBella Hit – Sandro Hit / EM Brentano II / Hill Hawk xx

Called back at Inspection, praised for her freedom through the shoulder, long legs, strong frame and ground-covering gaits, Sobella had already been SOLD, in-utero, to New Jersey.

Sonnenschein - Sir Donnerhall / Contendro / Eiger I / Wenzel I
Sonnenschein by Sir Donnerhall

Sonnenschein – Sir Donnerhall / Contendro / Eiger I / Wenzel I

You cannot but fall in love with this joyful sprite, with her china-doll appearance, flashy colouring, long legs and happy nature! Top Filly at Inspection, and SOLD to California

Foals of 2006

After Hours - Autocrat / SPS Eiger I / Wenzel I
After Hours by Autocrat

After Hours – Autocrat / SPS Eiger I / Wenzel I

A fine filly – correct, harmonious and light of foot, our “Angel” joined her mother and her older sister in our broodmare band in 2009, and produced 3 beautiful foals for SunnyDays.

Roal Mischief- Rascalino / Don Bosco
Royal Mischief by Rascalino

Royal Mischief – Rascalino / SPS Don Bosco / SPS Prince Orac xx

This clever charmer with his dishy head, beautiful neck and topline, sloping shoulder, and good angles was SOLD to USA.

Lasting Impression - Landkonig / Espri
Lasting Impression by Landkonig

Lasting Impression – Landkonig / Espri / Woermann

“Lola” has long legs, uphill conformation, sweet expression, and a real puppy-dog personality. A “custom-foal” for Robin in Ohio

Foals of 2005

Donatelli / Brentano II
Deirdre by Donatelli

 Deirdre – Donatelli / SPA Brentano II / Hill Hawk xx

The bravest, most affectionate and confident filly you could know. SOLD to Carolyn in Ottawa, who adored her.

Fifth Business - Feiner Stern / Longchamp / Maurice
Fifth Business by Feiner Stern

Fifth Business – Feiner Stern / Longchamp / Maurice

This filly was SOLD to Carolyn in London Ontario. They are dressaging their way up the ranks.

Future Perfect - Fabuleux / Eiger
Future Perfect by Fabuleux

Future Perfect – Fabuluex / SPS Eiger / Wenzel

Future Perfect was Best Colt and overall Champion Foal 2005, lauded for type, correctness and gaits. Dr. Schade particularly noted his swinging, uphill, elastic movement, good shoulder and long croup, “which will make the movements easy for him”. SOLD to NY.

Foals of 2004

Waliant - Widmark / Mattgold / Rosenkavalier
Waliant by Widmark

Waliant – Widmark / Mattgold / Rosenkavalier

Best Colt, and Champion Foal 2004 at his Guelph VhW inspection/branding – from among a truly outstanding foalcrop of over 25. Waliant was selected for his consistently rhythmical, elastic movement, powerful hind end, great legs, well-set-on neck, presence and modern type. SOLD to Lisa from The County.

Foals of 2003

Contendro / Eiger / Wenzel
Contessa by Contendro

Contessa – Contendro / Eiger / Wenzel

Tess is just what I aim for in my breeding program – she is sociable and curious, correct in conformation, healthy — loves to move and is on “springs”. She makes me smile every day, and produces rubber-ball babies, with joie de vivre.

Hanoverian - Rhodes Scholar / Brentano II
Rhodeo by Rhodes Scholar

Rhodeo – Rhodes Scholar / Brentano II / Hill Hawk xx

Rhodeo – such a beauty! He was selected Champion Hanoverian Foal 2003, and was schooling 3rd Level as a 6 year old when he was SOLD to Germany.

Hanoverian - Feiner Stern / Longchamp
Finn McCool by Feiner Stern

Finn McCool – Feiner Stern / Longchamp

This tall black beauty was such a pleasure to have around, elegant and affectionate. SOLD to Michigan.