For Sale

I am proud to offer these good-natured, athletic warmbloods – prospects for sport or breeding. My aim is to provide the professional or amateur markets with people-loving, rideable horses displaying enviable gaits, beauty and character. Finding the “right match” is important, so please ask questions or present your needs and priorities.
Call 905 429-1642 or email for more info, pictures etc

SPS Bella Vista will be available in spring 2024, back in foal and available for pickup late October 2024.Now UNDER CONTRACT.

FOALS of 2024:. 3 beautiful fillies and 2 masculine, dashing colts – with prices ranging from $14k to 17k US$ (approx. $17,000 to 20,000 Cdn, plus Cdn taxes if applicable)

1. Gorgeous Latino x Vice Champion Mare of Westphalia, SPS Bella Vista (Belissimo / Faveur / Rubinstein), exquisite chestnut filly born May 6, 2024 SOLD to a great home in British Columbia
2. Ferdeaux x Furstentanz This typey filly is bred by Chris Simpson, born April 18, 2024. She is long-legged, beautiful type, correct in movement and foundation – an exceptional filly in every way. If interested please contact Chris directly at 506-566-1900
3. Blue Horse Romanov x Contessa. This is a repeat breeding. The 1st Romanov / Contessa foal “Royal Gala” was Champion Hanoverian Foal at Inspection, and sold at 3 days old to a home where she was trained / competed successfully through Inter 1. Born April 27, 2024, a sassy, powerful, confident filly — last one from Contessa – has found a great new home..
4. Global Player x Fine Design. Born May 13, 2024. Fine Design is a delightful homebred, on lease for her 1st foal to Global PlayerWorld Dressage Champion 6 year old, 2022 and Reserve World Champion 7 year old, 2023. This colt is an exciting and powerful dressage prospect, of best character, UNDER CONTRACT.
5. Dauphin x the exceptional young mare SPS Sally by Sir Heinrich / Riccio – bred by Ursula Hosking was born April 17, 2024. FOR SALE. I believe he is exceptional in type temperament and movement. Please contact me if you wish to reach owner / breeder. Information on the dam and her 1st foal at

FOALS of 2023:. Placed in excellent homes!

1. Olympic Sanceo x SPS Ditana Was due in late April, 2023, but lost to abortion in December.
2. Gorgeous Latino – x Vice Champion Mare of Westphalia, SPS Bella Vista (Belissimo / Faveur / Rubinstein), will be a breeding repeated in May 2023, for 2024 foaling.
3. Wynton x EM Chenya – due 1st of July 2023. Combining proven performance genetics and top production records. SOLD in-utero, with dam Chenya, to top Ontario breeding operation.
4. Glamourdale x Furstentanz. This colt, born March 29, 2023, by Dressage World Horse Champion Glamourdale, has been bred by Chris Simpson, and has been SOLD to Olympic rider.
5.Just Wimphof x Winona by Weltruhm: Born May 23, 2023, this colt by Champion KWPN stallion Just Wimphof, has been bred by Ursula Hosking, and is For Sale . Correct in conformation and movement, leggy, and with a super temperament and performance pedigree, JoJo is a top prospect for dressage. SOLD to Canada

FOALS of 2022: . All SOLD
1. Just Wimphof x SPS Bella Vista (Belissimo / Faveur / Rubinstein). by KWPN Licensing Champion, with 100% German pedigree (De Niro / Riccione / Sandro Hit). Proven Grand Prix bloodlines from a highly decorated mare. SOLD at days old to fine Quebec home, destined for dressage career.
2. Voila` – by Viva Gold x Contessa A vibrant filly combining the blood of Vivaldi and the damline of Isabel Werth’s Weihegold with the proven producer Contessa by Contendro / SPS Eiger … a sure recipe for movement, charisma and beauty! Born May 19, 2022 and SOLD
3. Le Formidable x Giada , due early May 2022. Giada has been sold to a great Ontario home, so her 2022 foal will be born there. Giada was bred in June 2021 with a “cocktail” of Dimaggio Black and Le Formidable semen, and DNA showed the sire to be Le Formidable. Tall, handsome dark colt born beginning of May – and what a mover!
4. Finnigan x EM Chenya – born June 24, 2022. A brilliant, athletic colt, from whom we expect great things. Fanfare is SOLD

FOALS of 2021: . All the 2021 foals have found excellent homes!
1. Tall, dark and handsome colt born April 20, 2021 FOR SALE — and such an athlete! Maybe the smartest, most friendly fellow born at SunnyDays, “Force Majeure” will be a force to be reckoned with. By Champion stallion For Romance x SPS Ditana – Don Bosco / Prince Orac xx, 2002. This breeding is a repeat of one that produced the Albert Kley Award winner, 2017, for Dressage Champion of the entire Canadian Tour. Your Chance for an upper level standout, now SOLD.
2. Don Olymbrio x SPS Bella Vista – Belissimo / Faveur / Rubinstein, 2008 Born April 23, Doc Olymbrio is a firecracker! SOLD to BC, Canada.
3. Governor x EM Chenya – Contucci / Bordeaux / Weltmeyer, Born May 6, 2021 Guinevere was SOLD in-utero
Sir Heinrich x Giada HPF – Gold Luck / Al Capone / SPS Matcho, April 2009 . A marvellous creature, Special Attraction came into the world on May 4, 2021, and SOLD quickly to an excellent Ontario home.
5. Q-Sieben x Contessa – Contendro / SPS Eiger / Wenzel, March 2003 Contessa delivered another bouncing baby boy, SOLD in-utero, he will join his half-brother ZuperZonic in Maryland!.
6. Finnegan x the exceptional young mare SPS Sally by Sir Heinrich / Riccio. Finesse, a dainty feminine, sweet and balletic filly was born May 2, 2021. Under Contract, only because she is a filly. A chance to own a wonderfully bred and very pretty dance partner. SOLD to a fine Ontario home.
7. Cadeau Noir x the beautiful Furstenball filly, Furstentanz. Filly option was spoken for … but Tanzy delivered a colt – Cadeau Tanz, on May 20, 2021. He is delightful, leggy, uphill, masculine type, and is SOLD.

FOALS of 2020: An excellent foal crop, safely arrived and placed with excellent homes.

1. A typey, dainty filly by Premium Stallion, and stamper of champions, Finest (Furstenball / Wie Weltmeyer / Prince Thatch xx) x Giada by Gold Luck, born April 21st. This is a repeat breeding, that led to the delightful filly Fine Art in 2019, who sold very quickly to an excellent home in USA. Fine Design is correct in foundation and movement, with a harmonious frame and beautiful face. Friendly, confident, and light-footed, she will make an eye-catching “lady’s horse”, and a prospect for breeding.
2. Tall, elegant, strong moving filly by Franklin – 2013 KWPN Licensing Champion by Ampere / Ferro / Flemmingh, out of our SPS Ditana by Don Boso / SPS Prince Orac xx., born April 24th. We’ve achieved a delicate combination of the powerful Dutch stallion with our elegant mare who has been a top producer for SunnyDays Hanoverians. Striking, athletic, correct – Frankly Scarlett will be a top prospect for dressage or breeding.
3. And finally, from the brilliant Grand Prix stallion, member of the German Dressage A-squad, Franziskus by Fidertanz / Alabaster / Rubinstein – out of our powerful charmer Contessa, by Contendro / Eiger, a dazzling colt, Finn McCool. Born April 28th, Finn is leggy, refined, athletic and a total lovebug, who is already turning heads!

2019 Foal Crop safely arrived and Sold to Good Homes!

1. Premium Stallion, and stamper of champions, Finest” (Furstenball / Wie Weltmeyer / Prince Thatch xx) x Giada by Gold Luck. Delightful black filly “Fine Art“, born April 5th, and quickly SOLD to South Carolina.
2. D’a Bella, by World Young Horse Champion “D’Avie” (Don Juan de Hus / Londonderry / Walt Disney) x SPS Bella Vista (Belissimo), my Mother’s Day gift, 2019 – stunning prospect for sport or breeding – and Gold Medal Foal Award-winner from the Hanoverian Verband.! SOLD with her buddy :Fine Art” to South Carolina.
3. Tall, dark and handsome “Ferghal” by Danish Warmblood Stallion of the Year 2018 Furstenball” by Furst Heinrich / Donnerhall / Classiker x EM Chenya by Contucci,born June 20th. He is extra special. SOLD to a repeat customer in South Carolina. I know he’ll receive the best care and give such pleasure.

2018 Foal Crop safely arrived and Sold to Good Homes!

1. Morricone x SPS Ditana, Exceptional dressage filly “Modern Art” born May 13, 2018 – a prospect for the serious dressage enthusiast or breeder. UPDATE: Sold to Ontario dressage rider.
2. Romeo x Giada — enchanting black filly “Regina Coeli“, born April 27th – SOLD to a dressage rider near Chicago
3. Zoom (Zack / Don Schufro / Brentano II) x SPS Bella Vista (Belissimo), “Ziya”, the most adorable, flashy rapscallion of a colt, born May 15, 2018, and SOLD to South Carolina.
4. Buckingham x EM Chenya. Le Boheme – sweet and flashy bay colt, born June 13, 2018
5. Zonik x Contessa, born June 24, 2018. A star in the making, we have named him Zuper Zonic and he has been awarded a Gold Medal from Hanover at his Inspection. Now SOLD to a delighted dressage enthusiast from PA.

2017 Foal Crop safely arrived and Sold to Good Homes!

1. Foreign Affairs by For Romance / SPS Ditana, born May 8, 2017, and SOLD to California
2. Starlet, by Sir Gregory / Espinette, born May 13, 2017, and SOLD to California.
3. Furstentanz, by Furstenball / EM Chenya MRF, born May 21, 2017, and SOLD to Ontario, Canada.
4. Skibereen, by Sir Gregory / Windsong, born June 4, 2017. SOLD to a great home in South Carolina.